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lifedeconstructed_dec2012Hi, I’m Kyleigh. Welcome to Life De-Constructed, the official blog of The Live Huge Factor. It’s great to see you here!

What It’s All About

The Life De-Constructed blog is an ever-growing collection of original articles, inspirational posts, mindset-shifting questions, and my own personal perspectives (as a leadership coach AND a human being) on leading your work and all areas of your life with less fear, more daring, & loads of soul-affirming kick-assery. This is a place where we do some let’s-get-REAL talking about life, leadership, and undaunted living. 

Mainly, I write about:

  • Claiming & stepping boldly into your personal leadership.
  • Designing your work + life to be vibrant and deeply fulfilling.
  • Aligned, intentional & conscious living. From your whole self, head AND heart.
  • Living fully, fiercely, authentically, and imperfectly into your Purpose.

You’ll also find ideas and strategies for breaking-down the crap that gets in the way of you living full out and soaring to the levels of success you aspire to (and currently only dream about). << That’s the de-construction part.

These topics are all linked by a central theme—living huge, which I define as:

Creating and leading a vibrant, deeply fulfilled life through undaunted ownership of your Self, Life + Purpose.

Once a week or so (sometimes more, but rarely less) I post on one of the above topics, and occasionally I profile the de-constructionist antics of other inspiring life revolutionaries >> a.k.a. individuals who are living huge & leading undaunted in their own work and/or lives. If you’d like, you can keep up on all the happenings (plus receive Insider-only bonus content) via email updates, or just by checking in here at the site.

That’s the skinny on Life De-Constructed. If you’d like to know more about moi, jump over to my main online home—The Live Huge Factor. Or, check out the Contact + Connect page to email, follow me on social media, or otherwise connect. I’d love to hear from you!