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Enough. One Word 2013.

January 15, 2013

Teaser_Enough2013_400The Power of a Word

I believe in the importance of words. A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the catalyst to amplifying your life. Living full out. Achieving your goals and dreams. Finding deep joy and fulfillment. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything…if you allow yourself to be open to the meaning and possibilities that one word can evoke.

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to the concept of choosing a word for myself each year—a one word “theme” to focus on, savor, reflect upon from different angles and perspectives, de-construct and create from as I go about my life each day of the year. It can be anything—any word—as long as it has personal meaning. I have loved on this idea for awhile now; however, I haven’t actually done anything about it. Until now. 2013.

This year, I am starting a new tradition, and I have chosen a word. My word is enough.

Actually, I can’t even say I chose this word. Rather, it reared its head up and challenged me to take it on. You see, in my quest to living huge, this word has become my biggest adversary. Within it, I consistently find the source of many of my fears and insecurities—particularly when it whispers (and shouts!) in my ear, “You are not enough.” And when it puts me in a vise grip of worry and anxiety caused by thoughts of not being good enough…or worthy enough…or thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, or successful enough. It holds me back, and frankly, I’m tired of allowing it to run the show. It’s time to make peace with this word in my life. Permanently. My goal for 2013 is to wholeheartedly own this word and live from a place of knowing that I am enough.

Exciting News! A Year-Long Intensive

Enough is a word that speaks to me on a personal level, but my experience tells me I’m not alone in this. I know many of you have the same struggles I do, and enough speaks to you too. So instead of just making this my own personal project in 2013, I have decided to make this BIG and create something that you can be a part of with me. Together. Which, I’m completely over-the-moon about. ‘Cause there’s strength in numbers, you know.

[Commence drum roll and royal trumpeters…]

I am excited to announce and officially invite you to the launch of Enough – One Word 2013. This is a year-long intensive—created by yours truly—centered on discovering the truth about ourselves:

 Who we are is enough.

Throughout the year, we’ll explore enough from four major perspectives—

  • Physical “Perfection” (Am I thin/attractive/youthful/likeable enough?)
  • Worthiness (Am I valuable/deserving/loveable enough?)
  • Competence (Am I good/talented/skilled/smart enough?)
  • Significance (Am I important/successful/meaningful enough?)

(For more info, click here: One Word 2013.)

I’m not going to lie. It’s going to be work. And at times, it’s going to be gut-wrenching, soul-searching, shine-a-light-on-all-your-dark-crevasses hard work. But there will be fun times too. And it’ll all be oh-so-worth it. On 12/31/2013, you will look back at where you’ve come over the course of the year and realize that your life has changed (the ripple in the pond, remember?). You will be all the more living a huge, vibrant and deeply fulfilled life.

Please join me for in 2013. I would like nothing more. Truly. And guess what? Because I *heart* you all so much and want to ensure there are no barriers standing in the way of your participating, I’m bringing it to you absolutely gratis (it’s FREE!). All you have to do is visit my website at and sign up on the One Word 2013 page. (Registration is open all year, so don’t worry if you are a late-comer to the party.) That’s it. Easy-peasy. I only ask one thing—please share it with a friend or two who you think could also benefit from the Enough intensive.

Let’s do good HUGE work this year. Are you ready?

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