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Live Huge Links – 02.08.13

February 8, 2013

[Every Friday on the Life De-Constructed blog, I share my favorite links from my virtual travels during the week. This is my way of giving love and a holla to the people who are living huge in their own lives…and transforming world.]


2013-02-02_1359768415Paying Attention

Think about what truly deserves your attention. Choose carefully.

Chris Gullibeau @ The Art of Non-Conformity
Joy Someday vs. Joy Now

There are no obligations you must fulfill before experiencing incredible happiness in your work and life. You don’t need to become something first. You don’t need the house first, or the testimonial, or the right number on your bathroom scale.

The only thing you need is to say Yes, to yourself.

– Jonathan Mead @ Paid to Exist
Our common ground of suffering (and why not to be star struck)

When we compare our insides to someone else’s outsides, we’re concocting an illusion. That illusion inhibits our self-compassion, our creative power, and our connection with others.

– Danielle LaPorte @
Don’t Wait For Your Place In The World

I think you understand that it’s nobody else’s job to give you what you want. Nobody else can tell you who you are or what you should be doing with your insight, talents, hopes and gifts.

Nobody else can tell you why you’re extraordinary.

Nobody else can give you your place in the world.

– Steve Errey @ The Code of Extraordinary Change
Life is Delicious – Truth 2 Power (An Infographic)

And here’s the crazy truth: when you wake up & enjoy the imperfect life you already have, it makes it sooo much easier to create the life that you want. It really is that simple. It really can be … that delicious.

– Susan Hyatt @

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