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Live Huge Links – 03.08.13

March 8, 2013

[Every Friday on the Life De-Constructed blog, I share a few favorite links from my virtual travels during the week. This is my way of giving love and a holla to the people who are living huge in their own lives…and transforming world.]


2013-02-02_1359768415A Love Letter to Fear and Courage

I wish I could promise you that your fears will never come to light.

I wish I could promise that you are safe from discomfort, that your journey will be easy and fruitful, that your loved ones will support you every step of that way, that your choices will not hurt anyone and that you’ll experience the perfect level of success for you in each moment.

I really wish I could, sweet pea.

But this is life.

Molly Mahar of Stratejoy


6 months. 1 fear. Are you ready to lean in?

You can overcome any fear, whatever it may be, but to do that you need to do two things:

           1) Pick date that you must smash that fear by (so six months from you reading these words).

           2) Find someone to hold you accountable to overcoming your fear by that date.

– Zack Shapiro via his blog


12 Questions to Keep You Focused on What’s Important in Life

A positive attitude allows us to forget, even for a while, the hardships that face us in many areas of our life. Those times of contentment and happiness are wonderful. We need to spend time with them so when times are harder, we can remember the strength they gave us. But to expect those times to last is not realistic.

 Here is the ugly truth: We learn very little by being happy and content. We learn everything by being engaged with the realities of life, especially when it’s hard, confusing, and difficult.

– LaRae Quy of


Put Failure in its Place

As we practice innovating we are propelled up a personal learning curve — and we begin to accomplish our dreams. But implicit in daring to disrupt the status quo is daring to fail. As we learn by doing and do by learning something will eventually (and inevitably) not work. As former DARPA official Ken Gabriel said, “An important part of disruption is having the nerve to take on a really big failure.” At this critical juncture in the process of dreaming, we must decide how we will approach failure: Did I fail my way into a black hole? Or is failure a tool that will help me innovate more effectively?

– Whitney Johnson via The HBR Blog Network


10 Things You Must Give Up to Move Forward

If you want to fly and move on to better things, you have to give up the things that weigh you down – which is not always as obvious and easy as it sounds.

– Marc of Marc and Angel Hack Life

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