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Live Huge Links – 05.24.13

May 24, 2013

[Every other Friday on the Life De-Constructed blog, I share a few favorite links from my virtual travels. This is my way of giving love and a holla to the people who are living huge in their own lives…and transforming world.]


2013-02-02_1359768415Stop Freaking Out and Just Freaking Enjoy

How many times has your stress about everything you have to do, everything you haven’t done — and everything everyone else on your team or in your family is probably not doing but should be doing — taken you away from enjoying the present moment?

 I bet it’s a lot of times.

Kate Northrup of


An Open Letter from a ‘Fat Chick’ to Mike Jeffries, CEO of Abercrombie And Fitch

Funny thing about wearing your struggle on the outside: it makes you stronger. It teaches you how to adapt. It forces you to dig deep and do more. And while people like you are sitting at the cool kids table intent on holding others down, the ragtag team of not-so-cool kids is busy pulling others up…and we’ve become an unstoppable force driving the world forward.

Amy Taylor via


4 Steps to Stay Connected to Your Purpose

…We must take conscious steps to remain in that state of awesomeness, known as Oola…I teach frequently that to stay connected starts immediately upon waking in the morning before you open your eyes.

Dr. Jay LaGuardia via


A Leadership Challenge to Young Professionals  [and established professionals as well!]

This directive is, however, also a kick in the ass to some of you who have been in the work world for a while, and who still have a spark of independent life left inside… Be a Rebel Heretic as long as you can, wherever you are.

 Dave Ellis via The Savvy Intern


Build Momentum By Leaning Into It

One of the common ways we block success is by refusing to take action on a project or opportunity until we can see the entire pathway from start to finish…Highly successful people take a different approach. They just lean into it—they open themselves to opportunities and become willing to do what it takes to pursue opportunities further, without any expectations. 

Jack Canfield via



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