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Just Me.

October 2, 2013

When I first launched this blog, it was really important to me to be completely real about my life. (This is a blog about my own live huge journey after all.) Aaa-nnd, I need to admit something to you about that…I haven’t exactly been living up to my own expectations.

Not that I’ve been fake either. Every one of my posts has been genuine and straight from the heart. It’s just that over the past 1 ½ years since this blog launched, I’ve found that getting what is in my head and going on in my life out in words has been way more difficult than I ever thought it would be.

What I’ve learned about myself is that writing (in general), feeds my perfection gremlin. Blogging (specifically) feeds the gremlin who tries to “protect” me from being vulnerable. The fact is, I’ve been totally letting them run the show here at Life De-Constructed—allowing them to paralyze me to the point that I just haven’t written much at all.

So I’m calling myself on my own B.S. I’m tired of it, and it’s keeping me from everything I want to accomplish with this blog and the whole reason I started it in the first place:

To write about the realities of living huge from my own
perspective & experience.

To show you that living huge is a lifestyle—not a destination—and to let you know that you’re not alone on this journey. I’m right there in the muck of it with you.

Here’s what I’m declaring today. From now on, I’m giving myself permission to just be me. Which means—

Imperfect. Possibly nonsensical. Vulnerable (when I need to be). And utterly real.


We all have areas in our lives where we allow our fears & gremlins to keep us playing small. I just told you about one of mine, and I’d love it if you shared one of yours in the comments below. I’m all for insta-bonding, you know.

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