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Sometime You Gotta Play Life Like a Game of Texas Hold ‘Em

May 6, 2014

Know when to hold ‘em.
Know when to fold ‘em.
Know when to walk away.
Know when to run.


Anyone remember The Gambler by Kenny Rogers? I love this song. It was a staple in the playlist that played regularly on our record player when I was a kid, and it always brings me back to our family living room dance-a-thons. (Yes, I KNOW. It was the 80s! And we listened to records back then.)

I bring it up, because it’s apropos for a question I came across the other day—


Walk away or try harder?


This is a question most of us battle with often in life. At work. In relationships. With life projects…and projects in life. There comes a time when you’re smack-dab in the middle of something, and then all of a sudden you ask yourself (or you should wake up and START asking yourself), “Should I find my grit + stay in the game and commit to really making this thing work…or should I just cut my losses and let it go?”

How do I KNOW? What should I DO?

I don’t have the answer to what you should do. Or how to choose whether or not to hold ‘em or fold ‘em. (Hah! Thought you might get it out of me didn’t you? You should know by now that’s not how this works.)

The truth is, it all depends. On you. On the situation. On your intentions. On your priorities. On how your head + heart + gut REALLY feel about it. On any number of other related factors.

Kenny’s right – it’s always a gamble. But I say, it sure doesn’t have to be a crapshoot.

Here’s something you can do: Get curious.

 Counter the “walk away or try harder?” question with a little Q&A of your own.

Try these on for size—

  • What does my gut tell me?
  • Where does this fall in my life? Where are my priorities?
  • How does the walk-away choice feel? The try-harder choice?
  • How are my values being honored (or stepped on)?
  • Where is my passion?
  • How does this choice (walking away or trying harder) match up to what I want to
        create for myself in my life?
  • How does seeing it through serve me? What if I let it go?
  • What if this were EASY?
  • The user guide is simple –> Find some [physical & mental] space. Ask your Self these questions. See what opens up. (It will…if you allow it.)

    And give yourself permission to explore it.

    So. What do YOU think about all this walking away or trying harder stuff? Sound off below.

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