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What do you GET to do today?

December 22, 2014


Change your questions. Change your life.

I love my dog. I also love walking. Truth: I don’t always love the obligation of walking my dog. (I’m human. And things that smell like “obligation” give me the hives.)

All morning today I kept telling myself I needed to take Roxy out for a walk. And I also kept finding other things to do. Not excuses per se. Just Saturday morning activities I’d rather spend time on instead. Like >> make myself a delicious cup of my favorite Costa Rican coffee. Read the newspaper. Lounge around in my PJ’s and recuperate after a loooong day of not-so-comfortable travel. Plug back into work, and catch up on what I’ve missed. Do some laundry. Watch a warm-fuzzy Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel.

All the while my poor dog is staring at me with her big, brown eyes…alternated with head-butting me on the knee to let me know she’s bored.

ALRIGHT already!

Then, just as I made the decision to go, a moment of clarity: I don’t HAVE to walk my dog today. I can certainly make that choice. AND, it’s 50 degrees outside. In December. In Montana. If I go outside with her, I GET to enjoy the privilege of an uncommonly gorgeous winter day. (Plus, the sun is shining. Total bonus.)

Mindset is a funny [and extremely impactful] thing.

Change your questions. Change your life. What do you GET to do today?

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