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Commitment: A Litmus Test

July 15, 2015


COMMITMENT IS A STATE OF DOING + BEING THAT ACCEPTS NOTHING LESS THAN RESULTS. Tweet: Commitment is a state of doing + being that accepts nothing less than results. #livehugefactor #leadundaunted

Work and career. Health, wellness, and fitness. Money. Relationships. Your wildest aspirations and most soul-satisfying dreams. We set goals in life because something inspires us to do so. Namely, we get motivated to achieve something by envisioning a sexy end result. (For the record, that’s not a bad thing.)

There is a minor problem with motivation, however. Namely: It’s fueled by feelings. Feelings wake up the excitement and passion, but they aren’t actually what get results.

Commitment is what gets results.

Commitment at a level that is ALL-IN regardless of how you woke up feeling today. Doing and being in such a way that you are loyal to what you said you were going to do even if it’s a struggle. Or it’s hard. Or you don’t want to. Or you’d rather do something else.

If you say you’re committed, and you’re accepting less than results, then you’re not actually committed. (<< This is the litmus test.)

Climb to a 30,000 foot view of your life (annual goals, anyone?) for a minute. Where are you truly committed, in action, and making forward progress? Where has your interest and/or feelings waned? Where do you need to recommit?

Love. Kyleigh

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