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White Space & New Beginnings

May 7, 2018

Today marks an exciting moment in my life (<< and probably nerve-wracking, like a riding a crazy, twisty roller coaster!). My day job is history, and I’m jumping all-in to a new beginning. It’s the proverbial fresh start, with a canvas in front of me that is crisp, clean, and…COMPLETELY BLANK.

The Big Man Upstairs has been preparing me for this moment for a few months—I’ve been given a beautiful gift—and yet I have no idea exactly what to do next or where this journey of mine is going. I’m also kind of terrified of screwing it up.

If I let my fear run the show, filling the white space could become a daunting task. Paralyzing me in an overwhelming and I’m-afraid-of-doing-the-wrong-thing-for-my-life kind of way.

Where do I go from here?
What is the right thing for my life?
How do I know it’s the right thing?
What are the actions I’m supposed to take?
What is the path to get to where I’m supposed to go?

The Truth is, I have none of the answers, because these are the wrong questions. These are questions one asks when trying to fill white space, and what I’ve discovered is that this is not my Work right now! There is nothing white about the space here; it’s just a patch of brown with my name on it. Dirt brown, in fact, and I know exactly what to do with it.

Till it.
Hoe it.
Plant it.
Get dirty in it.
Water it.
Tend it.
Fertilize it.
Weed it.
Nourish it.
Let the sun shine and rain fall down on it.

Then, watch it grow.

Just like May is the time of year to plant a garden in North Dakota, so it is my Work at the beginning of this chapter of my life. I can’t claim to be a professional gardener, but I do know the basics. I also know that pouring in the sweat equity and giving my garden TLC along the way will result in beautiful blooms and a bountiful harvest.

There are miracles in gardening.

What do I get to do next?
What is my next right step?
Who do I get to serve today and how do I get to serve them powerfully?

It’s a beautiful day to do some gardening.

Love. Kyleigh

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