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What You Can’t Be With Runs Your Life

March 29, 2016


That thing you can’t face.
Admit to.
Speak about.
Or own.

All the things you resist.
Keep secret.
And run from.

These people, places, stories, feelings, and fears are the real-life monsters in your closet, and as long as you allow—or force—them to stay hidden, they will run your life.

How is that?

Because these ugly, grotesque creatures worm their way into a position of prominence—one that keeps you spending increasing amounts of time, energy & effort to keep them secured under lock & key.

Hiding. Disguising. Numbing. Denying. Compartmentalizing. Justifying. Pretending they’re not there. Doing whatever it takes to not have to face them. Doing everything you can to not have to be with them. To not look at, touch, feel, interact with, or come close enough to smell them. Keeping them imprisoned and holding the door shut with all of your might so they can’t escape. (And the thought of anyone else knowing they exist? Absolutely shuddering.)

The effect >> Your monsters have you at their beck and call. They are calling the shots. They are keeping you small, holding you back from your Purpose and from being the best-version-of-yourself. THEY are running your life, and YOU are allowing it to happen.

It’s not dire straits, however. If you want to take back your power and put yourself in charge of your life once again, there is a simple solution to reverse the situation. It just requires a little bit of courage.

Face your monsters.

Okay, you might need a lot of courage—but speaking from experience, it’s really more the idea of doing so that’s the scariest part. The how-to goes like this: Grab the biggest flashlight you can find (along with a buddy or a monster-fighting pro if you need one); throw open the closet door; and neutralize those little turds by shining a spotlight in their eyes.

You ARE strong enough to handle whatever happens when you bring them into the light.

The monsters in your closet are real, and you can stop allowing them to run your life. ‘Cause it’s time to get on with the great work you’re meant for in this world.

WHAT YOU CAN’T BE WITH RUNS YOUR LIFE. Tweet: What you can't be with runs your life. #liveundaunted #livehugefactor

Love. Kyleigh

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