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Liar, Liar. Your Pants on Totally on Fire.

October 13, 2016


Today is the day I am calling you out.

Every time you say I CAN’T.
Every time you believe I AM NOT ENOUGH.

YOU ARE SPREADING A LIE. (<< About yourself.)

That is your fear talking, feeding you a bullshit story that has nothing to do with the truth about you and everything to do with IT maintaining its power over you. Keeping you small and preventing you from being your most powerful, meant-to-be self.

And, love, you are a sucker every time you fall for it.

Here’s the TRUTH: Your fear-voice is a master politician who manipulates, shape-shifts, and spews garbage to keep you spinning round and round. Loud & obnoxious or sweet, seductive & smooth-talking—it disguises itself telling you anything and everything to keep you believing the lies.


Every time you say I CAN’T,
Every time you think I AM NOT ENOUGH,

Stop and ask yourself: What’s the lie?

Learn to recognize that voice and see your fear for what it is >> False Evidence Appearing Real.

This is your work.

Love. Kyleigh

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