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2018: Gladiating + Getting Personal

January 14, 2018

I’m getting personal with this post. Practicing what I preach, giving you a look at my own inner work, and also going public with some of my personal commitments for the year. 20 seconds of insane courage…

Five and a half years ago I launched The Live Huge Factor…and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. The only thing I knew for sure was that I was Called. Called with a capital ‘C’ by the Big Guy one morning while I was brushing my teeth. “It’s time,” He said. Which meant it was time to leave the soul suck of my day job, take a leap of faith, and journey down a new path. Out of that, The Live Huge Factor was born.

Turns out this new path is one of those “roads less traveled”, and what I’ve had to learn is that I’m in charge of blazing the trail. Since launching The Live Huge Factor in 2012, I’ve started and stopped (mostly stopped these last 2 ½ years), had moments of brilliance, and also fallen flat on my face. I have an unwavering vision of a successful coaching and leadership development practice; and yet my truth is that I’ve struggled to get my business off the ground. As I’ve discovered in doing my own inner work, there are two big reasons behind that: (1) I’ve gotten in my own way; and (2) I haven’t been all in.

And, the reason underlying both of those reasons: FEAR.


The message reel has gone a little something like this: Who am I to do this work? I’m not enough. I’m not qualified. Nobody cares. Nobody will listen. People will laugh. Nobody will show up. They don’t need you. They will reject you. Other people are better and more qualified than you. There’s no room for you. More truth: I’m tired of allowing my fear to run the show, and I’m not interested in listening to these crap stories anymore.

This past year I’ve been blessed to get very clear on my mission. My WHY. And in doing so, I had a critical revelation: My mission is fucking important. It is (and will be into the future) important to the people I am meant to serve AND it’s mine alone. There is no one else in this world who can do what I am Called to do. [To be clear, you also have a unique purpose in this world that only you alone can fulfill.]

This year—2018—I am rebirthing The Live Huge Factor. My personal commitment is to two things: Mission First and Gladiating. (<< In fact, ‘gladiate’ is my word for the year.) I am all in to putting my message & content into the world. I am all in to doing what it takes to create the business of my dreams. I am all in to showing up [messy, vulnerable & absolutely imperfect] and battling in the ring every day. And most importantly, I am all in to coaching, teaching, and calling people forth to transform their lives and become who they are meant to be.

Cheers to adventure and the next 12 months. I can’t wait to connect with you along the way!

Love. Kyleigh

How about you—what is one of your commitments or focus areas for this year?

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