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Perfection: Let it Go

January 21, 2018

I’m a recovering perfectionist. Well, some days I’m “recovering” and other days I’m off the wagon and way out in the tullie weeds, sweating and shaking and needing a fix. (It’s a process, okay?)

What I’ve learned:
Striving for excellence is valuable.
Maintaining a high standard for quality is important.
Seeking out ways to improve and be even better next time is rewarding.
Accomplishment—getting shit done—is deeply satisfying.
Chasing perfection is exhausting and a waste of time.

In fact, I’ve added Perfection to my mortal enemies list.

It’s unattainable. A forever moving target—that you’ll never catch and will only drive you crazy. An obstacle to creativity, freedom, happiness, success, and achievement. It’s a paralyzing inner voice that holds you hostage and will always tell you you’re not enough. (Cue the wicked cackling.)

But that’s just perfection’s bullshit story. And once you see it for what it is, you can choose to let it go.

Love. Kyleigh

Where is perfectionism currently holding you back in your life?

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