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1 Year. 1 Project. 100 Powerful Conversations.

March 16, 2018


THIS is the miracle of coaching.

1 Year. 100 Powerful Conversations.
I am taking on a bold challenge this year to share the power of coaching. My goal is to—

Create intentional impact in the world by having 100 deep coaching conversations with 100 inspired + inspiring individuals.

Coaching changes lives. It is a game-changing tool that creates a positive ripple effect in the world. When a person shows up differently in their life, and starts creating results they never thought possible, the impact automatically extends to their relationships, their work, and world around them. Every time I work with someone, I get to see this evidence first hand, and I am fired up about giving people the opportunity to experience it for themselves.

This is what The 100 Conversations Project is all about. Helping people to see their world differently and change their lives so they can:

> Unbecome who they aren’t…and become who they are meant to be.
> Get into the kind of action that leads to true happiness and results in a vibrant, meaningful, deeply fulfilling life.
> Achieve what they really, really, really, REALLY want.
> Claim their greatness, discover their Purpose and become naturally confident, courageous leaders.

And I’m ALL IN, wholeheartedly committed to the success of this project. One thing though, it’s not going to be possible to do this alone—may I enlist your help?

The Project. The Coaching. The Invitation.
The 100 Conversations Project has begun, and I am creating space each month for the next year (April 2019) to sit down with inspired + inspiring individuals for a powerful conversation to challenge their status quo and amplify their leadership.

This is the type of person I’m looking for – someone who:

  • Desires to step fully into their personal leadership, and start leading boldly, confidently & courageously at work and in all areas of their lives.
  • Serves extra-ordinarily in what they do every day (or aspires to do so).
  • Wants to create positive impact in their world and THE world.
  • Are willing to be the hardest worker in the room to go after something they really, really, REALLY want.
  • Knows they are responsible for their own happiness and the experience of their life—and are intent on taking action accordingly.
  • Are ready for (and want) game-changing support to help them achieve a goal that feels “impossible” right now, tackle a challenge they’re currently facing, or transform an area where they are currently unsatisfied.

Do you know anyone like that?

I would like to invite them to be one of the 100. To sit down with me for 2 hours of deep coaching and see the possibilities of transforming something (or things) in their life.

They bring the topic. Nothing is off limits; we can discuss anything in their work or life. I’ll bring the coaching, hiding nothing and holding nothing back. Together we’ll have an unforgettable, life-transforming conversation.

No gimmicks. No strings. No pressure. No bull. And no cost (coaching fee waived). Just one requirement: To accept the invitation, each person must commit to showing up to their session fully present—100% invested with their time & energy—and with a willingness to explore wherever the conversation leads. This experience is about getting results, and results are a participatory activity.

Who has popped into your mind as you’ve been reading about this project? A friend. Your spouse. Your brother. A co-worker. The woman from yoga class. The parent of your child’s best buddy. Someone from church. Maybe even…yourself.

Do them a favor, and plug-in to that person for a minute. What’s her big dream? What do you think is holding him back most right now? What support does he need in his life? What might be possible for him or her if they had the opportunity for a powerful, deep coaching conversation? I’d love to talk to them. Will you send them this post and give them the gift of an invitation to be one of the 100?

My gift to them from you. Because you believe in them. And so do I. (Share this post and my contact information with them.)

Or, if it’s YOU who is saying, “YES. That’s ME!” >> Contact me here to request a powerful conversation. (I admire your spunk. And your propensity for action.)

And of course, if you want more information, send me an email with your questions.

Nobody needs coaching. This is something I truly believe. For those who want powerful coaching however—to work on a goal or challenge with someone who can help you connect-your-dots and see things you can’t, or to experience high-flame coaching with someone who believes you are fully capable of achieving what you most desire—this is a chance to level up your life + leadership and start creating the life you are meant to live.

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Knock, knock.
Who’s there?

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