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Bless-olutions 2016

February 14, 2016


In 2016 may you—

: Inspire courage
: Live, love and lead with wholeheartedness
: Rise each day to conquer
: Dare greatly
: Ignite your soul
: Give relentlessly
: BE more and DO less
: Tune in[ward] and listen
: Practice gratitude
: Discover the best-version-of-yourself

And choose happy every single day of this year. You’re in charge of your life. Say yes to joy, vibrancy & deep fulfillment.

Love. Kyleigh


Courage is an Action Word

August 10, 2015


Courage is tangible. It’s choosing action in the face of the fear that so desperately tries to hold you hostage.

Stand up.
Sit down.
Think differently.
Tell all your heart.
Follow your intuition.
Step forth.
Wholeheartedly partake.

(All this while manhandling your fear.)

Courage is an action word. Go out and get busy. Tweet: Courage is an action word. Go out and get busy. #leadundaunted #leadership

Love. Kyleigh

Commitment: A Litmus Test

July 15, 2015


COMMITMENT IS A STATE OF DOING + BEING THAT ACCEPTS NOTHING LESS THAN RESULTS. Tweet: Commitment is a state of doing + being that accepts nothing less than results. #livehugefactor #leadundaunted

Work and career. Health, wellness, and fitness. Money. Relationships. Your wildest aspirations and most soul-satisfying dreams. We set goals in life because something inspires us to do so. Namely, we get motivated to achieve something by envisioning a sexy end result. (For the record, that’s not a bad thing.)

There is a minor problem with motivation, however. Namely: It’s fueled by feelings. Feelings wake up the excitement and passion, but they aren’t actually what get results.

Commitment is what gets results.

Commitment at a level that is ALL-IN regardless of how you woke up feeling today. Doing and being in such a way that you are loyal to what you said you were going to do even if it’s a struggle. Or it’s hard. Or you don’t want to. Or you’d rather do something else.

If you say you’re committed, and you’re accepting less than results, then you’re not actually committed. (<< This is the litmus test.)

Climb to a 30,000 foot view of your life (annual goals, anyone?) for a minute. Where are you truly committed, in action, and making forward progress? Where has your interest and/or feelings waned? Where do you need to recommit?

Love. Kyleigh

The Deception of Stuck

July 7, 2015


Stuck is…

A story.

A mindset.

And also a perspective.

One you don’t have to believe (or listen to). The others you can shift, change, adjust, or alter at will.

Don’t fall for the deception of stuck. You’re only locked-in when YOU choose to not to go anywhere. Tweet: Don’t fall for the deception of stuck. You’re only locked-in when YOU choose to not to go anywhere. #leadundaunted

Love. Kyleigh

How to Fall Short at Life. (Guaranteed.)

June 30, 2015


LIFE IS A PARTICIPATORY ACTIVITY.Tweet: Life is a participatory activity. #livehugefactor #leadundaunted

How do you want it to be? Starting point guard…or benchwarmer. (<< You’re the boss of that choice.)

Work hard. Play hard. Love hard. Live hard. And exhaust yourself in the glorious pursuit of a vibrant, deeply fulfilling life.

Love. Kyleigh